CBT for Anxiety


DATE: TBC                                                                  

COST:  £360.00 for 6 weeks



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Anxiety can be one of the most debilitating mental health disorders and this modular course of CBT groups is aimed at those struggling with a wide range of symptoms of Anxiety whether in a general, social or health context. We will also look at ideas and strategies for co-existing difficulties such as depression, phobia and panic since they often arise alongside general anxiety.




Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is based on working towards goals and enabling you to “become your own therapist” in dealing with any future difficulties. The two-hour format will enable you to have sufficient time to practice and incorporate the learning of a range of CBT skills and strategies. Supporting materials will be provided each week to build to a helpful resource for future reference.


Week 1:   Understanding the CBT approach and how it applies to anxiety. The role of our current thoughts and behaviours in maintaining our anxiety. Understanding the physical sensations of anxiety – the impact of biology and evolution.

Week 2:    An introduction to unhelpful thinking styles and the concept of thought challenging. Using mindfulness techniques to control physical responses for anxiety and panic.

Week 3:    Avoidance and other safety behaviours. Introducing “exposure” techniques for anxiety and phobia. A review of models, maintenance factors, unhelpful thinking traps and associated interventions for co-existing anxiety or mood disorders.

Week 4:    Understanding the role of worry and the concept of uncertainty in maintaining anxiety: introduction to the Generalised Anxiety model. Using – instead of avoiding – our emotions, and strategies to deal with worry.

Week 5:    Where does anxiety come from? Introducing automatic thoughts, dysfunctional rules and core beliefs. Identifying and adjusting our core beliefs – do they still “fit the facts” today?

Week 6:    Pulling it all together – relapse management skills. A chance to share our learning on unhelpful thoughts, rules and beliefs (and their origins) with new updated beliefs and cognitive and behavioural strategies. Participants to leave with detailed individualised plan.