Educational Meetings

Cardinal Clinic is committed to providing Continual Professional Development. As part of this commitment, we provide a monthly tutorial for GPs and healthcare professionals.

The meeting starts at 7.30pm and finishes at 9.30pm. A buffet supper is provided and CPD certificate awarded.

Please note: the content of the meeting is targeted to GPs and healthcare professionals and therefore we cannot extend the invitation to patients, their families or carers.

Booking your attendance

If you would like to attend, please call Louise De Haan on 01753 848503 or email [email protected]

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    19:30 -21:30
    Main Reception
    Cardinal Clinic, Oakley Green Road, Windsor, United Kingdom

    Dr John Wilkins, Consultant Psychiatrist

    Psychiatry can seem like a desperate place sometimes. We latch onto any new development and promote it enthusiastically until we realise that it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and has a whole range of side effects that the pharmaceutical companies didn’t realise or played down. We steal the medications used by other specialities with the enthusiasm of a child with a shiny new toy only to find that it interacts with all the other medications the patient takes sometimes leaving the GP to navigate the boundary between often competing health needs.

    Why? As I said, Psychiatry can be a desperate place sometimes. Our treatments are so unsatisfactory that we grasp any passing possibility that something might be better with far more enthusiasm than is healthy.

    In this talk I will not simply present a list of medications, their effects, side-effects and interactions. You can read the BNF or use Google for that. I will use case examples to illustrate dilemmas in prescribing and invite the audience to contribute with their experiences. You may wish to bring along a prescribing dilemma from your own practice to discuss – not too many though as we only have an hour!