Junior Therapist

Salary Expectations:

£50,000 – £75,000 p.a. based on full time contract.  This includes a substantial bonus based on personal and business performance.

Outline of Work Responsibilities

Cardinal Clinic receives around 20 new referrals each week across our adult and CAMHS services. We average around 15 in-patients per night. This caseload generates around 20,000 outpatient consultations each year.

Where psychological therapy is appropriate, the client is allocated a dedicated clinical psychologist or therapist.  Generally, that clinician will remain with that patient for the duration of their care with Cardinal Clinic.

We expect all our psychologists to see patients in both in-patient and out-patient settings.  We also expect our less experienced therapists to lead in-patient and day care group therapy sessions.

Clinician Support

Each therapist will have the support of an administrator who will liaise with patients and undertake such administrative tasks as are appropriate to ensure the highest possible standards of patient care.

Patient Contact Expectations

Consultations with our clients may occur during the normal working day or during the evenings.  Some flexibility on hours is therefore essential.  We would expect every therapist to undertake some evening clinics.

We set expectations for patient contact on a programmed activity (PA) basis.  This equates to a single four hour period.

Examples of what we would expect to be a routine amount of patient contact per programmed activity could be as follows:

  • Three group sessions
  • Three in-patient consultations
  • 3.5 Out-patient consultations

Performance Management

We expect our therapists to provide care of an extremely high quality. We undertake regular performance reviews to ensure our standards are being maintained. These performance reviews are based on 360-degree feedback from colleagues, from patient reviews received on our I Want Great Care platform, on compliance with our procedures and on outcome measurements of patient’s progress.

Clinical Responsibilities

  • Provide specialist psychological assessments of individuals under the care of Cardinal Clinic.
  • To formulate and implement plans for psychological therapy.
  • To be responsible for implementing a range of specialist psychological interventions for individuals, carers, families and groups.
  • To be involved with and help coordinate the implementation of positive behaviour support plans across the service.
  • To provide specialist psychological advice, guidance and consultation to other professionals contributing directly to individual’s formulation and intervention plan.
  • To undertake clinical risk assessments and risk management plans for individuals and to provide advice to other professionals on psychological aspects of risk assessment and risk management.
  • To read, understand and comply with Cardinal Clinic’s policies and procedures.
  • To work effectively with internal and external colleagues to ensure an effective multi-disciplinary team approach supports providing excellence in mental health care.

Other Responsibilities and Expectations:

  • To actively participate in and contribute to the development and maintenance of internal and external Continuing Professional Development programmes.
  • To maintain the highest standard of clinical record keeping in accordance with professional codes of practice and company policies and procedures.
  • To receive regular clinical professional supervision in accordance with good professional practice guidelines.
  • To be involved in the training and supervision of colleagues.
  • To contribute to the development, evaluation and monitoring of the company’s operational policies and services.
  • To provide input to service and professional management on opportunities for improvement in quality, clinical governance or commercial performance of Cardinal Clinic.
  • To attend regular service meetings and Psychological Advisory Committee meetings.
  • To be involved in initiatives to improve models of mental healthcare with input into plans, collection of clinical data from existing patients and reviewing outcomes for efficacy.

Full Job Description

For the full job description of this role, please click here:  Clinical Psychologist Job Role