Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)


DATE: TBC                                                                 

COST:  £360.00 for 6 weeks

FACILITATOR: Martin Carroll

CO-FACILITATOR:  Phoebe Pearson-Hall

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A group for people with a diagnosis of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. The group will provide psychoeducation and experiential exercises, in a supportive environment where you are with people who are having similar difficulties to yourself.  This course is relevant for people with a diagnosis of OCD.

  • To help people share their understanding and experience of OCD
  • To provide an overview of the CBT model for OCD
  • To establish what your recovery goals are and how you can work towards these

Week 1:               Understanding what is OCD & how we can use CBT to help.

Week 2:               Maintenance factors for OCD, understanding how maintenance factors link to your OCD & creating your own model of this.

Week 3:               Our relationship with OCD, introducing the use of Theory A vs. Theory B in treatment. Thought suppression experiments.

Week 4:               Behaviour Experiments & the role of Exposure Response Prevention.

Week 5:               Creating your own hierarchies & planning how to manage barriers to this- looking at the role of the OCD bully voice.

Week 6:               Recovery & moving forwards with your goals. Defining what your goals & are establishing how this links to your recovery.