How to Refer Yourself

Some patients prefer to refer themselves for care rather than go through their GP.  Information about the process is here.  Please note that most insurance companies will not accept patients referring themselves.  Please contact your insurance companies for further information about their policies.

Please note that we cannot accept self-referrals for our Child and Adolescent department.  All referrals to this service must come through a GP or healthcare professional.  

In summary:

  • If your care is funded by a health insurance policy, ensure they are happy that you sef-refer and will provide cover.
  • Complete the self-referral form which can be found at the bottom of the page.
  • We will be in touch to arrange an appointment

About Self Referrals

At Cardinal Clinic, we prefer patients to be referred by the GP for mental healthcare. This is for the following reasons:

  • It is recognised as being good practice
  • It ensures that we are aware of any physical health conditions that may affect your treatment.
  • If we feel medication would help your recovery, it is important that we understand other medications you may be taking.  This is to ensure anything prescribed will not affect other conditions you may be experiencing.
  • Your GP has overall responsibility for your care so it is important they are kept informed.

However, we understand that GP appointments can be difficult to get urgently at some surgeries and you may feel it is important for your well-being to seek support more quickly.  Equally, some patients may not want to discuss their mental health with their GPs.

We do accept patients who wish to self-refer but it is important that those patients understand that it may be necessary to liaise with the GP regarding their care.  This is to ensure patient safety whilst receiving care from us and to ensure their on-going well-being, once discharged from our care.  We may not be able to provide mental healthcare to patients who self-refer and who do not give us permission to contact their GP.

You should also be aware that we will contact your GP with or without your permission, if we believe your safety could be at risk.  This is a legal obligation that all our clinicians are under.

If your treatment is being funded by a health insurance policy, it is unlikely that they will allow you to self-refer.  Most insurance policies require a GP to refer you in order to cover the cost of treatment.

How to Self Refer

If you intend that your care is funded by a health insurance policy, it is important that you check that they are happy with you self-referring.  It is also important that you check that they are happy to cover your treatment.

If you are paying for your care personally, you may want to view our fee structure before arranging an appointment.  Details can be found here:  Our Fee Structure

Please complete the form below to arrange your referral.  We will be in touch once we have received it.


A day in the life

If it’s your first time visiting a mental health hospital like the Cardinal Clinic, it can feel a bit daunting not knowing what to expect.

To help put any worries to rest you are welcome to arrange a visit to the clinic before booking your appointment.

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