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Dr Ksenia Deverill

Consultant Psychiatrist


Dr Deverill is an experienced Consultant Psychiatrist with expertise in all areas of psychiatry. She has special clinical interest in women’s mental health, anxiety, depression, memory and attention problems. She is passionate about lifestyle and nutritional psychiatry and is prescriber of medicinal cannabis.


Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists since 2003

Medical Member of the First Tier Tribunal, Mental Health

Master of Science in Psychiatric Research, University College London

Member of the Medical Protection Society

GMC number: 5202738

Training & Experience

Dr Ksenia Deverill completed dual training in general adult and old age psychiatry in London, where she has been working as a consultant psychiatrist for over 10 years.

She has expertise in all areas of psychiatry. Her current NHS practice is based in a general hospital in West London where she sees patients presenting with a wide range of mental health problems, from acute psychosis and alcohol/drugs withdrawal, to psychological reaction to physical illness and physical symptoms resulting from stress.

Her research background and interests are in memory impairment, and she has significant expertise in the assessment and treatment of patients with memory problems and dementia.

Dr Deverill’s other areas of special interest and expertise include anxiety, depression and memory problems in later life, women’s health and lifestyle psychiatry.

Alongside more conventional approaches, lifestyle psychiatry places an emphasis on the management of stress, sleep, nutrition and physical activity in achieving mental well-being.

Dr Deverill uses a holistic and individualized approach to the assessment and treatment of mental illness, and works in close partnership with her patients to help them achieve mental and physical well-being.

Additionally, she works as a Medical Expert for the Ministry of Justice, where she provides independent medical opinions for Tribunals.

Research Interests

Memory impairment


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