Medication Information

It is is very important that all our patients have access to independent medication information about conditions and treatments.  We provide access to this service to allow people to increase their understanding of mental health conditions and mental health treatments.  We also hope these services will help patients make informed choices about their care, in conjunction with their clinical team.

Service for All

We are pleased to be working with to bring you information on conditions and medications. is one of the most trusted online medical resources.  They supply patients and health professionals with evidence-based information on a wide range of topics, relating to medical and health matters.  This service is provided for everyone, regardless of whether they are a patient or not.

The website can be accessed from this link: Information on Conditions and Medications

Service for Patients Only

In addition to this, Cardinal Clinic has linked with Choice and Medication.  This service allows our patients to access accurate and independent information about medications.  This service is provided free of charge to patients.  Your clinician will provide you with further information about this.  Please discuss it with you clinician if you would like access to this service and you have not been advised how.

A day in the life

If it’s your first time visiting a mental health hospital like the Cardinal Clinic, it can feel a bit daunting not knowing what to expect.

To help put any worries to rest you are welcome to arrange a visit to the clinic before booking your appointment.

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