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Our psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists are committed to providing the highest levels of mental health care.

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For advice on the most appropriate Consultant or Therapist please contact our Referrals Team on 01753 869 755.  Alternatively, complete the form on our Contact Page

We review every new referral individually to consider the most appropriate clinician for that person.  These decisions are based on the patient’s needs as well as the specialties and existing caseload of our clinicians.  On occasion, we may feel that a patient’s needs are best met by receiving care at a different service provider.  In these cases, we will make every effort to signpost the patient to that provider.

The biographies below are only intended to be a guide to particular conditions or treatments offered.  We do not make any commitment that an individual clinician will be available or appropriate for any specific referral.

We will sometimes recommend that patients are referred to external organisations who we partner with.  This might be because it will speed up your access to care, provide a more appropriate route into care or because we feel a partner organisation has specialist skills in a specific condition.  For details of our partner organisations, please click the link below:

Trusted Partner Organisations

We welcome GP referrals to named Consultants and Therapists here at the Clinic.

Please feel free to get in touch with patient details.

All our consultants and therapists work in private practice as self employed practitioners.

If you’re interested in practising at the clinic we’d love to hear from you.