Emergency & Sectioned Patients


The Mental Health Act (1993) is the main legislation that covers the assessment, treatment and rights of people with a mental health condition. This includes assessment and treatment of people in hospital, treatment in the community and pathways into hospital that can be either civil or criminal.

You can be sectioned (detained) under the Mental Health Act for your own health or safety or if other people are at risk. There are different types of sections and each have different rules to keep you in hospital.

We do accept patients who are on section but we would need clinical information to make sure we are a suitable treatment centre.  If you would like more information and to see if we can help, you can call our dedicated nursing team on 01753 869755.

For GPs

A psychiatric emergency when it occurs causes major disruption to the patient, carer and family.

We can help GPs organise immediate help, this can be admission to the Clinic, domiciliary consultation or setting up a Section.

Cardinal Clinic is pleased to offer a 24-hour crisis helpline for doctors to obtain help when they need it quickly:-

01753 848510

Find a clinician for help with emergency & sectioned patients

In order to see one of our clinicians, patients first need to obtain a GP referral.

Our Clinicians