How to Refer Yourself

Some patients prefer to arrange care without going through their GP.  This is sometimes termed a self-referral.  This page contains information that you may need if you wish to refer yourself for mental health care.  The link to start the process is below, followed by further information.

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Adult Self Referrals

We are happy if you would like to refer yourself or a friend / family member for care. Just complete our self referral form. We’ll be in touch to arrange an appointment.

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Accessing CAMHS Services

We are currently only accepting CAMHS referred by their GP. You can find more details about how to request help and an indication of waiting times here.

Will Your Insurance Company Cover Self Referral?

Please note that most insurance companies will not accept patients referring themselves.  If you have a health insurance policy, we advise you to contact your insurance provider for further information about their policies.

In summary:

  • If your care is funded by a health insurance policy, ensure they are happy that you self refer and will provide cover.
  • Complete the self-referral form which can be found at the bottom of the page.
  • We will be in touch to arrange an appointment

About Self Referrals

At Cardinal Clinic, we prefer patients to be referred by the GP for mental healthcare. This is for the following reasons:

  • It is recognised as being good practice
  • It ensures that we are aware of any physical health conditions that may affect your treatment.
  • If we feel medication would help your recovery, it is important that we understand other medications you may be taking.  This is to ensure anything prescribed will not affect other conditions you may be experiencing.
  • Your GP has overall responsibility for your care so it is important they are kept informed.

However, we understand that GP appointments can be difficult to get urgently at some surgeries and you may feel it is important for your well-being to seek support more quickly.  Equally, some patients may not want to discuss their mental health with their GPs.

We do accept patients who wish to self refer but it is important that those patients understand that it may be necessary to liaise with the GP regarding their care.  This is to ensure patient safety whilst receiving care from us and to ensure their on-going well-being, once discharged from our care.  We may not be able to provide mental healthcare to patients who self-refer and who do not give us permission to contact their GP.

You should also be aware that we will contact your GP with or without your permission, if we believe your safety could be at risk.  This is a legal obligation that all our clinicians are under.

If your treatment is being funded by a health insurance policy, it is unlikely that they will allow you to self-refer.  Most insurance policies require a GP to refer you in order to cover the cost of treatment.

How to Refer Yourself for Mental Healthcare

If your care is being funded by a health insurance policy, please check that they are happy with you self-referring.  It is also important to check they are happy to cover your treatment.

If you are paying for your care personally, you may want to view our fee structure before arranging an appointment.  Details can be found here:  Our Fee Structure

Please Note: We cannot accept CAMHS referrals without a GP’s letter.  If you have a letter from your GP please click the button below to understand the current CAMHS situation and to access our CAMHS service.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a private, independent hospital we cannot accept NHS funded patients. This means that every patient must either fund their care themselves or they must have the fees paid by a private healthcare insurance policy or by their employer.

If you are able to fund your care through one of these means, we would love to welcome you to Cardinal Clinic. Any care we provide will be agreed between you and your clinician, before treatment commences. We would not provide any treatment that we did not believe was in your best interest or which we did not feel was appropriate for your condition.

It is recognised best practice to involve your GP in your care. This is to ensure that they are aware of any health conditions and so they can continue to provide you with the best possible care following your discharge from Cardinal Clinic. It also protects your safety.

We will always ask your permission before contacting your GP. However, on matters of patient safety, we may contact your GP without your permission. You would be informed if we felt that this was appropriate.

If you have any concerns about us sharing information with your GP, it is essential that you discuss these with your clinician.

The cost of your care will be dependent on many factors. Some of these include:

Choice of clinician: Our clinicians are all self-employed and therefore they set their own fee structures. This means that different clinicians charge different rates.
Length of Treatment: Most of our treatments are charged per session. For in-patient admissions, this is a charge per night. For out-patient consultations it is a charge per consultation. Therefore, the more sessions you have, the more expensive your care will be. We do run trial sessions at reduced rates for Day Care and fixed price packages of care for Alcohol Detox programmes.
Type of Treatment: Costs of treatment vary significantly depending on whether you are an out-patient, a day care patient or an in-patient.

It is rarely possible to predict how many sessions a patient will need to make progress with their mental health condition.  It depends on many factors.  Therefore, it is impossible for us to give you a firm budget at the start of your treatment.

Our full fee structure can be found at the following link:

Our Fees

All our clinicians are very happy to discuss your budget for care during a consultation with you.

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