Covid 19

Cardinal Clinic continues to monitor the Covid pandemic situation closely and manage the amount of face-to-face contact our staff have with patients.  Where there is clinical justification, consultations will be held face-to-face.  In other situations, clinicians will agree with patients the most appropriate format, giving consideration to patient safety and clinical effectiveness.

In-patients will be expected to be tested for Covid prior to admission and during their stay with us.  At times of high local Covid infection rates, we may have to limit in-patient’s visitors if we believe this is in the best interests of protecting our patients and staff.

If you have a face-to-face appointment, please read our briefing document so that you understand the steps that we are taking to ensure your safety and what you can do to protect ours.

Out Patient Briefing Document

Due to pressure on the NHS and on GPs, we are welcoming new patients who wish to access care without going via their GP.  You can access all the information to enable you to refer yourself for treatment, at the following link:


A day in the life

If it’s your first time visiting a mental health hospital like the Cardinal Clinic, it can feel a bit daunting not knowing what to expect.

To help put any worries to rest you are welcome to arrange a visit to the clinic before booking your appointment.

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