About Cardinal Clinic

Cardinal Clinic is a leading mental health hospital and has been providing the highest level of care for almost 50 years. The Clinic remains privately owned, allowing decisions to be made in the very best interest of our patients and staff.

We do not have NHS contracts so cannot accept NHS patients. We are recognised by all the major insurance companies and also welcome patients who self fund their treatment.

Each patient is treated as an individual at Cardinal Clinic.  Care plans are tailored to your needs and we fully involve you with the decisions relating to your care.  We have the expertise and experience to treat a wide range of mental health conditions.

We offer a number of routes to treatment and provide care in out-patient, day-patient and in-patient settings.  Our multi-disciplinary team comprises highly qualified consultant psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists and for in-patients, a dedicated 24 hour nursing team.

The Clinic is set in beautiful grounds on the outskirts of Windsor, easily accessible from the M4 and Heathrow Airport. Some of the hospital is situated in an old building (parts of which date back to 1600’s).  Our patients love the quirky, historic style we have in places. The overwhelming sense of community and excellent clinical care all contribute to the outstanding feedback we receive from our patients.

Cardinal Clinic has been rated ‘Good’ overall and ‘Outstanding’ for care by the Care Quality Commission. We have also recently been awarded an I Want Great Care Certificate of Excellence for constantly receiving outstanding patient feedback.

In-patient service

Some patients require a more intense or structured approach to their treatment or need to be away from the everyday situations that are contributing to their condition.

In-patients participate in the therapeutic programme that runs throughout the day and benefit from our 24/7 nursing care. They can benefit from making good progress very quickly as well as receiving lots of input from members of the multidisciplinary team. An average in-patient length of stay is 21 nights.

When you come for admission, you will be allocated to a nurse-team who will coordinate your care. The team will be your key point of contact for any questions or concerns you may have. The nursing team are available at any time to discuss your concerns or problems and will treat everything you say in complete confidence. Everything discussed with your nursing team will only ever be shared with the team managing your care.

You can expect to have a one-to-one consultation with your consultant two or three times a week.

You will stay in one of our 23 en-suite bedrooms and benefit from taking part in the group therapeutic programme that runs throughout the day. You will also receive individual time with your consultant and/or therapist.

During your stay all meals are provided in our patients’ dining room. There is a choice of menu each day and our chefs are happy to cater for dietary requirements.

As well as participating in the programme, you also have time for relaxation and contemplation, as well as the use of our superb facilities. These include a heated indoor swimming pool, patients’ lounge and beautifully maintained extensive grounds. Your family and friends are welcome to visit you at weekends, but we ask that they avoid group and meal times. Visitors are invited to arrange this with the nursing team to ensure it fits around the patient’s clinical needs.

In-patient admission

At Cardinal Clinic we understand that in-patient admission can be an overwhelming experience for many individuals, so we have created the in-patient admission guide below to help you with the process. It is important to remember that you are not alone in this process and there are many people at Cardinal Clinic who are here to make the transition easier for you.

When you come for admission, you will be allocated to a nurse-team who will coordinate your care. The team will be your key point of contact for any questions or concerns you may have.

Our guide provides information such as what to expect from your stay, what to bring with you as well as information on meals and medication.

What to expect from in-patient care

Funding options

Private medical insurance

Your policy may have an excess that will need to be paid by you directly to the Clinic. We suggest you check with your insurance company for the terms of your policy as some exclude psychiatric cover or may only provide a limited amount of funding.<

Please be aware that you will be responsible for any shortfalls on your insurance scheme.

For further information about organising mental health care under a health insurance policy, please click on the link below:

Receiving Care Funded By A Health Insurance Policy

Self funding

Many of our patients choose to fund the cost of their mental health care themselves.

All self-funding patients are required to pay a deposit before their treatment starts so that finances do not interfere with treatment and recovery.

In-patients are asked to pay a deposit. Invoices are sent out every 10 days and should be paid on presentation. Your deposit will be offset against the final invoice at the end of treatment and any remaining funds will be refunded at the end of treatment. For further information, please contact our Finance Department on 01753 869755.

For more information regarding our fees, please click on the link below:

Our fees 

How to get a referral from Schoen Clinic

If you feel like an admission to Cardinal Clinic may be appropriate, you should discuss this with your Schoen Clinic Consultant who will write to Cardinal Clinic and ask for you to be admitted.

Information for Schoen Clinic Consultants:

If you would like to refer a patient for in-patient care at Cardinal Clinic please email referrals@cardinalclinic.co.uk. Alternatively you can also call our Referrals Coordinators on 01753 869755.