Finance Policy 


The terms “we”, “us”, “our” and “ours” when used in this Finance Policy mean Cardinal Clinic. The terms “you”, “your” and “yours” when used in this Finance Policy mean anyone using our services. 

The responsibility for the settlement of Cardinal Clinic and Clinician’s accounts is and always remains the responsibility of the patient and/or the guarantor. The patient’s account may be prepared by one of the following:-  

  1. Payment may be made by the private health insurance or agreed third party. 
  1. A self-pay arrangement is agreed upon before admission or appointment with the Cardinal Clinic or Clinician.  
  1. Per item of service provided by prevailing prices.  

 For patients seeking inpatient and daycare treatment, the insurance coverage will be verified before services are rendered. 

Invoice payments  

All patients are required to pay the Cardinal Clinic for the accommodation and services relating to treatment as a private patient including circumstances where private health insurance proves not to cover the specific course of treatment. Payment is due on receipt of our or Clinician’s invoice, however, for self-funding inpatients and daycare treatment payment is required in advance. The patient will receive an itemized statement detailing the services provided and associated costs. Interest on outstanding fees is payable at the rate of 3% per annum over Lloyds TSB base rate from time to time in force.  

Overdue payment of invoices  

If invoices are not paid within three months of the date of issue, Cardinal Clinic reserves the right to recharge reasonable debt collection fees incurred in obtaining payment, this includes a percentage of the debt as charged by debt collection companies.  

Clinician Fees  

Please note that the Clinician treating the patient may not be an employee of Cardinal Clinic and, unless otherwise stated, will invoice the patient separately for their services.  

Cancellation Fees  

Any outpatient appointments not attended or cancelled may be subject to the full consultation fee. For further information, please ask the Clinician about their respective cancellation policies.  

Policy Reviews  

Periodically we review and update the finance policy/agreement to reflect changes in healthcare regulations & insurance practices. This ensures that the policy/agreement remains relevant and effective over time.  

For more information about how we use and manage the information you provide us navigate to our Privacy Policy. 

Last updated 03/05/2024