Our Top 5: Eating Disorder Influencers


In a world where social media plays a significant role in shaping our perceptions, it’s crucial to choose our online influencers wisely. Particularly...

In a world where social media plays a significant role in shaping our perceptions, it’s crucial to choose our online influencers wisely. Particularly when it comes to sensitive topics like eating disorders, finding the right voices can be a lifeline for those struggling with these issues. Today, we want to introduce you to some incredible influencers who are dedicated to spreading awareness, support, and encouragement for individuals dealing with eating disorders.


1. @Meganjaynecrabbe

Megan Jayne Crabbe is a shining beacon of body positivity. Her journey from battling anorexia to becoming a fierce advocate for self-love and acceptance is nothing short of inspiring. She uses her platform to challenge unrealistic beauty standards and encourages people to embrace their bodies, flaws and all. Megan’s posts are a reminder that beauty is diverse, and true happiness comes from within.

Megan Jayne Crabbe - Diving Bell



2. @neda

The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) is a respected organisation dedicated to supporting individuals and families affected by eating disorders. Following their Instagram provides you with a wealth of information on resources, events, and advocacy opportunities.


3. @alexlight_ldn

Alex uses her social media platforms to open up about her eating disorder struggles. She also posts inspiring content that promotes body positivity to help others cultivate a better relationship with their bodies.

Just Girl of the Week: Alex Light (@alexlight_ldn) – Just Girl Project



4. @chessieking

With a radiant smile that’s as infectious as her enthusiasm for life, Chessie King is not just a fitness influencer; she’s a beacon of positivity and self-love. She fearlessly addresses topics related to body image, self-confidence, and mental health, dismantling societal beauty standards along the way. Chessie encourages her followers to embrace their imperfections and celebrate their uniqueness, promoting a message of self-acceptance.

Chessie King - BrandMentions Wiki


5. @thebodycoach

Joe emphasises the importance of balanced nutrition and has authored cookbooks filled with easy, nutritious recipes. His passion for promoting well-being extends beyond physical fitness; he’s also an advocate for mental health, openly sharing his own struggles and encouraging others to prioritise their mental well-being.


Joe Wicks (@thebodycoach) / X



Remember, your social media feed can be a tool for self-care and healing. By following these influencers and organisations, you’ll surround yourself with messages of positivity, self-acceptance, and recovery. It’s essential to curate an online environment that fosters your mental health and reminds you that healing is possible.


If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, please seek professional help. Recovery is a challenging but achievable journey, and you are never alone in it. These influencers and organisations are here to remind you that recovery is worth it, and you are deserving of a life filled with self-love and happiness. 


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*McManus, S., Meltzer, H., Brugha, T. S., Bebbington, P. E., & Jenkins, R. (2009). Adult psychiatric morbidity in England, 2007: results of a household survey.

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