Trusted Partner Organisations

We will sometimes recommend that patients are referred to external organisations who we partner with.  This might be because it will speed up your access to care, provide a more appropriate route into care or because we feel a partner organisation has specialist skills in a specific condition.


HelloSelf provide psychological therapies almost exclusively on-line.  We have found them to provide an outstanding service and excellent quality of therapy.  The feedback from our patients who we have referred to HelloSelf has been very good.

We use HelloSelf because they provide our patients with rapid access to psychological therapies from a wide range of psychologists.  Their team share Cardinal Clinic’s attitudes to providing the very best mental healthcare and  we have common values in how we treat our patients.

Your consultant may recommend HelloSelf if you are comfortable with receiving your therapy sessions via video and if you would benefit from more rapid access, when Cardinal Clinic’s own therapists have full caseloads.

We have been working with HelloSelf for sometime and have no hesitation in recommending their therapists to our patients.

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