What goes into the price of in-patient care?


There is no doubt that in-patient care is expensive. That’s why at Cardinal Clinic we aim to create the fairest price possible without sacrificing quality....

There is no doubt that in-patient care is expensive. That’s why at Cardinal Clinic we aim to create the fairest price possible without sacrificing quality. There is a lot that goes into the price of in-patient care and we want to share this information with potential patients. We want to provide a deeper understanding of the factors that it takes to provide outstanding mental health care, including how many people it takes and other factors that go into developing our price. 

Other providers of private mental health care are not transparent about their pricing, but we strongly feel our patients have the right to know the costs from the start. 

At Cardinal Clinic, the room rates range from £905 to £960 per night, depending on room size. We have over 100 people looking after as few as 15 patients. We also charge 15% less than some of our competition. 

See below for all the elements that go into our in-patient pricing equation. 

Daily individual and group therapy 

The therapy programme that in-patients participate in is critical to their recovery.  Every patient will have one-to-one sessions and group therapy sessions.  

One-to-one sessions will be with a psychologist or a key nurse.  There will also be regular contact throughout each day with other members of the nursing team.  Depending on a patient’s condition, these may be as frequent as every 15 minutes!  

Our nursing team will work with our patients throughout their stay to ensure full involvement in a patient’s care plan, on assessing risks and on planning for discharge.  They will be a constant source of support whether you want a game of scrabble or just need to vent some emotion.

Group sessions run throughout the week.  On weekdays there are generally five sessions per day, covering a range of topics from mood management to self-esteem.  Groups are facilitated by a psychologist or senior nurse.  Non-clinical groups are also run which focus on supporting recovery.  Flower arranging, yoga and mindfulness are just a few examples.

Some conditions have dedicated groups or specific support work to address particular recovery programmes.  These include addiction recovery and eating disorder treatment.

In any given day, it is not unusual for us to have more staff working on patient’s care than we have patients!  

Your accommodations

Cardinal Clinic has 96 rooms, including 23 bedrooms, 22 consulting rooms, 6 group rooms, 7 staircases, 2 admin areas, 4 kitchens and 2 dining rooms!  We also have more than 10 acres of gardens and lawns which include an orchard, formal garden, sun lounging area and three separate driveways.  We’re very proud of our physical space but it certainly takes some looking after!  We have a housekeeping team who will ensure your bedroom and communal facilities are always spotless, a gardens team who keep the external facilities looking good and a maintenance team who keep everything working in good order. To ensure the grounds are maintained and are safe for everyone, it requires 2 full time gardeners and 3 full time members of our maintenance team.

Professional culinary team 

At Cardinal Clinic we have 3 chefs who work in a purpose built commercial kitchen. During the in-patient stay, patients are able to select their food each day from a gourmet menu which is cooked on site. Three meals a day are provided alongside access to a variety of snacks, hot drinks and cold drinks throughout the day.

Cardinal Clinic therapist sat comfortably with patient during therapy session

Round the clock nurses 

In-patients at Cardinal Clinic have access to nursing 24/7. We have an accessible nursing station and each patient is assigned a key nurse to overlook their care. We also have qualified nurses to administer medication as well as a clinical room which is used to carry out medical checks such as blood tests. 

Stringent safety measures 

At Cardinal Clinic, safety is our priority and staff from different departments are involved in ensuring safety measures are in place. Our safety measures range from assessing the patient when they first check in to dispensing the medication. Our maintenance team and gardening team work very hard behind the scenes to ensure both the inside and the grounds of the clinic are safe for patients and staff. 

Activity and leisure programming 

Outside of the 1 to 1 sessions and group therapy, we encourage in-patients to make the most use out of our incredible facilities. We have an indoor heated swimming pool which is available for in-patients to use and this can be arranged with the nursing team. We are also passionate about encouraging in-patients to take part in other types of activities throughout their stay so organise activities such as yoga, gardening, flower arranging and art therapy as part of the in-patient programme. In the evenings patients can also enjoy movie nights, puzzle nights and games nights which are arranged by the nursing team.

Cardinal Clinic patient enjoying a swim in the indoor heated pool

Clinic staff who make the wheels turn 

Alongside the medical team, there are also other departments which are very important in caring for in-patients. Our admin, secretaries and referrals teams are extremely important as their everyday job roles include: answering the phone for enquiries and new referrals, typing letters to send to GP s and filing all of the patient files. Our finance team ensures all finances are processed correctly throughout the whole Clinic. Other departments which are crucial are HR (to ensure the best possible staff are hired to provide the best care) and IT (to make sure all of the technology throughout the Clinic runs smoothly). 

Everything works in harmony 

In summary, there are many elements that work together to provide the best in-patient care. All of these are essential elements to ensuring our patients’ success at the clinic, which results in the final, transparent price. See below for more information if you or a loved one are in need of mental health help. 

How do I arrange In-Patient care?

Most of our patients who are admitted for in-patient care are referred to Cardinal Clinic by their GP or other healthcare professional.  However, it is also possible to refer yourself.  For programmes such as our Alcohol Detox programme, it is normal for patients to request admission themselves.

If you feel that our in-patient service would be of benefit, please take a look at our page about getting a referral from your GP:  Arranging a GP Referral. Alternatively, you may wish to consider referring yourself:  Arranging a Self-Referral.

1 in 4 people in England need mental health support*

We’re here to ensure you do not have to face it alone.

If you feel like you need professional help, we’re a private mental health hospital in Windsor with nurses on hand 24 hours a day who provide expert clinical treatment.

You can call Cardinal Clinic on 01753 869755 for confidential help and advice or send us an enquiry.

*McManus, S., Meltzer, H., Brugha, T. S., Bebbington, P. E., & Jenkins, R. (2009). Adult psychiatric morbidity in England, 2007: results of a household survey.

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