Referral Pathway for Fast Access to Treatment

Umbrella Mental Health Support for Companies

Access Clinical Treatment With A Single Phone Call

It is well understood that fast access to treatment for employees with mental ill-health is critical to the outcomes for the individual, the wellbeing of their team and the financial implications for the organisation.

We have made delivering this the cornerstone of the Cardinal Corporate business.  As part of the implementation process of becoming a partner of Cardinal Corporate, we will ensure we fully understand your internal processes for authorising the cost of treatment.  We must also ensure that we meet clinical governance standards for accepting a patient referral.

By establishing a bespoke referral pathway from the outset, we can provide appointments for an initial mental health assessment rapidly and prioritise the individual’s recovery.

We are a registered with all major health insurance providers and can liaise with them on your behalf.  We can also invoice clients directly where there is no provision for mental health cover in existing insurance arrangements.

How We Deliver Fast Access to Treatment

We are able to accept referrals from company occupational health providers, company general practitioners or put in place an alternative, bespoke process for referral.  With most partners, we are able to put a process in place which allows you to start the treatment route with a single phone call.


    • As part of our on-boarding process for new Cardinal Corporate Partners, we will agree a pre-arranged referral pathway which allows you to access a mental health assessment for any colleague, with a single phone call


    • Where necessary, this will be followed up with a letter from your occupational health team, company general practitioner or equivalent


    • The family general practitioner of the patient may be consulted or kept informed, dependent on condition and treatment.å

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Cardinal Corporate Partners

It is our philosophy that better workplace mental health can only be achieved by working in partnership with employers.  For this reason we invite companies and organisations to become a Cardinal Corporate Partner.


Mental Health Manager

At the heart of our service is our Mental Health Manager. They are assigned to our clients to work with them in accessing advice, treatment and education relating to mental health wellbeing.

Click below for further information about how your Mental Health Manager can support you in striving for better mental health wellbeing.

Education and Training

Through our education and traing programme, we aim to reduce the occurrence of poor mental health by up-skilling the HR teams, line managers and staff members in managing the mental health within the organisation.

The adage that “prevention is better than cure” is something we believe to be critical.

Insurance and Fees

We believe that transparency in our fee structure is important.  As part of our process for on-boarding new Cardinal Corporate Partners, we will agree a rate card of fees for all clinical services.

Alternatively, we have agreements with all major health insurance providers and can liaise with them directly, if your staff have this cover.

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