Our Mental Health Services

Cardinal Clinic provides a range of mental health services, in a number of different settings.  The most appropriate setting for a patient will be dictated by a number of factors.  For instance, the acuity of the condition, the type of mental health care recommended and the preference of the patient themselves.

For many patients, being seen as an Out-Patient provides the support they need to provide real improvements in their well-being.  Either this can be delivered face-to-face or we provide remote care through our video conferencing software such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

For patients who need more in-depth support, we have a Day-Care service where patients attend for a day or two per week.  We also have our In-Patient service where patients stay with us on a residential basis with 24 hour nursing care.

Patient’s may also be invited to attend one of our Mental Health Support Courses.  These are targeted at specific conditions and provide additional education and group support, delivered in short weekly sessions over a six week period.

The treatment options will be discussed with you at your initial assessment consultation.  The decision as to which treatment path you follow will be made by you, in conjunction with your clinician.

For more information about our mental health services, please explore our services from the links below.