Trusted Partner Organisations

Cardinal Clinic works with trusted partners to ensure we can provide rapid access to the best mental healthcare.

We will sometimes recommend that patients are referred to external organisations who we partner with.  This might be because it will speed up your access to care, provide a more appropriate route into care or because we feel a partner organisation has specialist skills in a specific condition.

Hello Self

Hello Self provide psychological therapies almost exclusively on-line.  We have found them to provide an outstanding service and excellent quality of therapy.  The feedback from our patients who we have referred to Hello Self has been very good.

We use Hello Self because they provide our patients with rapid access to psychological therapies from a wide range of psychologists.  Their team share Cardinal Clinic’s attitudes to providing the very best mental healthcare and  we have common values in how we treat our patients.

Your consultant may recommend Hello Self if you are comfortable with receiving your therapy sessions via video and if you would benefit from more rapid access, when Cardinal Clinic’s own therapists have full caseloads.

We have been working with Hello Self for sometime and have no hesitation in recommending their therapists to our patients.  By partnering with them, we can access a wider pool of clinicians to ensure we align the right therapist, provide care in the right format and offer an affordable service to our patients.

Hello Self Logo

Mental Health Support Courses

Our Mental Health Support Courses comprise six sessions on a specific subject or condition.  Groups are delivered on a weekly basis during evenings and weekends.  They are closed groups with a maximum of 10 attendees.

Mental Health Care at Cardinal Clinic

For almost 50 years, Cardinal Clinic has been providing excellent mental health care.  This has been delivered through our in-patient services, out-patient appointments and via our day-care programme.

Most of our patients are referred to us by their GP and are under the care of a dedicated psychiatrist.  Whilst this is a fantastic care model for people who have an acute mental health condition, it can be quite costly and may not suit everyone

This year, we are launching a new service to provide support for people who experience specific mental health conditions.  These are designed to be more accessible and are aimed at those people who are suffering a less acute condition.  Participants do not need to be referred to these courses and they will not be under the care of a psychiatrist whilst attending them.

Mental Health Support Courses:  An Overview

Our Mental Health Support Courses comprise six sessions on a specific subject or condition.  Groups are delivered on a weekly basis during evenings and weekends.  They are closed groups with a maximum of 10 attendees.

Each course is led by one of our Clinical Psychologists who has particular interest and expertise in the topic area.  They are supported by one of our Assistant Psychologists who may deliver parts of these sessions.

What is Included:

  • 6 two-hour psycho-education or therapeutic group sessions.
  • Relaxed and friendly setting in a comfortable and beautiful location
  • Opportunities to share your experiences with other people from similar backgrounds
  • Weekly handouts to collect over the weeks which form an information tool kit for future use
  • Post course follow up to assess and support you on your progress

Application Procedure

It is important we ensure our Mental Health Support Course is appropriate for all participants.  For some people, a course may compliment other care you are receiving.  Alternatively, this may be your first introduction to a clinical psychologist.

If you think that you could benefit from one of these courses, please let us know by using the form below.  We will then get in contact for a screening phone call to understand your mental health needs and what you hope to get out of the course.  We will also provide some more detail about the course content and structure.

If we agree that the course is appropriate for you, we will register you for the course and send an invoice for the fee.  This must be paid before we can confirm your place.  If we do not feel it is appropriate, we may recommend you seek support from one of our psychiatrists or discuss your condition with your GP.

Once your place is confirmed, we will send you full joining instructions.

Mental Health Courses We Offer

Register Your Interest

Dates will be arranged once we have sufficient interest.

Your First Consultation

We understand coming to the Clinic for your first consultation can make some people feel anxious.  You probably have not been to Cardinal Clinic before and may not have experienced mental healthcare previously.  You may not know what to expect or where to go and this can give rise to feelings of anxiety.  Hopefully we can provide a little information that will help.

Finding Your Way Here

Full directions to finding Cardinal Clinic can be found by clicking on this link:  Directions to Cardinal Clinic

You may have been advised which building your first appointment will be held in and you are welcome to go directly to that building.  If you have any concerns, you may find it easier to head towards the Main House initially.  We will then point you in the right direction for your appointment.

If you are travelling by car, we have free onsite parking immediately outside each of our buildings.

Before Seeing Your Clinician

Each of our buildings has its own reception area.  Please let a member of our friendly Reception Team know that you have arrived for your appointment.  If it’s your first appointment, you will have been sent some forms to complete.  Please let the Reception Team have these so they can be passed on to the Admin staff.  It’s not a problem if you forget or misplace the forms.  The Reception Team will give you a new set of forms to complete.

If it is your first appointment, it might be worth arriving a little earlier so that we can make sure that all the administrative things are completed before seeing your clinician.

After signing in, you can take a seat in our comfortable lounge (known as the music room) and help yourself to refreshments.

Main reception at Cardinal Clinic

Your First Consultation

At the time of your appointment, the clinician will come and meet you and take you to a consulting room.  The clinician will look at how best to address the issues you are facing. They will discuss a care plan with you which could include medication and/or referral to a therapist if they feel it is appropriate. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and talk about any concerns you may have.

Before the end of the consultation, your clinician will ensure that you have a clear understanding of the next steps and any follow-up appointments required.


Day Care

Our Day Care service is a great step down from in-patient care.  Find out more about this service.

Some patients require a more intensive approach to treatment than coming to the Clinic as an out-patient. Equally, some patients can benefit from more structured support when they are discharged from in-patient care.  In both these cases, our Day Care service can help.

Our Day Care service operates three days per week between 10am and 3:30pm.  Patients may attend for a single day per week or for multiple days.  Different days have different themes and therefore some days may be more appropriate for your personal care plan, than others.  Our current programme is available at the following link.  Day Care Programme

Each day is limited to a maximum of 10 patients to ensure we are able to provide adequate one-to-one support.

Being Referred to Day Care

The suitability of Day Care is something that your consultant will discuss with you, if you are an existing patient at Cardinal Clinic.  It may not be appropriate for all patients.  Insurance funding is available for this, if your care is being funded in this way.  If this is something that you and your consultant believe will be of value, you will be referred to our Day Care team.  Patients who are referred directly to Day Care by their GP, are first seen by a consultant psychiatrist to identify the areas that need addressing.  We do accept patients referring themselves to Day Care although an initial assessment from a consultant psychiatrist would be required to ensure that it was an appropriate service for your needs.

All patients then meet with a member of the Day Care team to discuss the appropriate days to attend.  We encourage patients to attend at least once a week and up to a maximum of three times.  As different days have different themes, there may be certain days which would be particularly appropriate for an individual patient’s care.

On joining the Day Care programme, each patient is allocated a key worker who is the main point of contact. They work collaboratively with the patient and the team to provide a process of continuous assessment.  They also offer support and set and review your therapeutic and recovery goals.  The key worker will form part of a patient’s multi-disciplinary team.  This team comprises psychiatrists, nurses and psychologists who all work together to bring a unique range of experience and expertise to the treatment for each patient.  The whole team actively supports patients in their goal to recovery.

For more information or for any questions regarding the day programme, please call 01753 869755 and ask to speak to a member of the team.

Out-Patient Care

Out-patient care is provided by our team of more than 50 clinicians.  This includes psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists.

Out-Patient Care

Out-Patient care is where patients only spend time at Cardinal Clinic when they are actually in a one-to-one appointment with their consultant psychiatrist or therapist.  They attend the appointment and then leave.  This is in contrast to in-patient care where the patient spends time as a resident of Cardinal Clinic or Day Care where a patient spends an entire day with us for appointments and group therapy.

Cardinal Clinic has more than 50 clinicians working at the Clinic delivering out-patient care.  This means we can ensure that your care is managed by someone with the skills and experience necessary for the specific condition you are experiencing.

We provide out-patient services to both adults and children.  Our CAMHS unit sees children and adolescent patients up to the age of 18 in a dedicated building.  This is kept separate from the adult in-patients and out-patient facilities.

The out-patient service is appropriate for patients who require a lower level of support than our in-patients or day care patients.  Out-patients may see a clinician as often as weekly, or as infrequently as every three months.

Initially, most patients are seen by a psychiatrist who will oversee the care of the patient and be clinically responsible.  They may prescribe medication or talking therapies as part of the care plan.  Where talking therapies are recommended, the psychiatrist will refer the patient to the psychologist or psychotherapist who will be best placed to provide the required support.  It is common for a patient to continue seeing a therapist and the psychiatrist for the duration of their treatment.

Referrals to Out-Patient Care

Most of our referrals are from a patient’s GP.  We also accept referrals from company occupational health departments or company doctors where a patient is referred under an employee assistance programme.  Please click the link below for full details regarding referrals:

Arranging a Consultation

We can also accept patients who refer themselves for treatment.  We understand the difficultly that some patients have in getting an appointment with an NHS GP and we feel it is important that we can react quickly to all patients who need our support.  However, we would normally expect to liaise closely with a patient’s GP to ensure they are aware of any treatment or care a patient is undergoing.  We may also require information from a patient’s GP regarding the medical history.  This is to ensure we can manage patient care safely and effectively.

It is important to be aware that we may not be able to provide treatment if a patient refuses to allow us to contact their GP.

Appointment Availability

Most of our clinicians do not work exclusively at Cardinal Clinic.  Many of them continue to practice in the NHS or at other clinics.  Consequently, an individual clinician may not be available every day of the week.  Most clinicians are able to offer appointments during the evenings, although availability tends to be more restrictive.  Equally, some clinicians are able to offer weekend appointments.

Generally, most patients are able to see a clinician within 7 to 10 days of being referred.  The exception is our CAMHS team where demand is currently very high.  CAMHS referrals can take as long as three months, currently.

We can provide reminders of appointments you have booked via text message.  If patients would like to receive these, they should let reception know so it can be setup.

Direct Psychology Referrals

Not all patients require a psychiatrist to be involved in their care.  A patient’s GP might refer them directly to a psychologist without involving a psychiatrist.  In this situation, the GP would remain clinically responsible and the psychologist would liaise with the GP on the progress being made.

It is also possible for patients to refer themselves directly to a psychologist.  The psychologist may need to contact the GP about the care being provided, particularly if there was some concern about the effectiveness or patient safety.

For further details of self referrals, please click the link below:

Arranging a Consultation

Arranging Follow Up Appointments

During a consultation, the clinician will recommend the next steps in a patient’s treatment.  Depending on the clinician, a follow up appointment may be agreed during the session or you may be asked to contact the clinician’s secretary to make arrangements.  The patient may be advised how long before they require a follow up appointment or the clinician might recommend that they book an appointment only when they feel it is needed.

For talking therapies, the consultant might recommend a course of therapy lasting a specific length.  For example six monthly sessions.  Alternatively, it might be left more open to allow the therapy to be tailored to the progress being made.

Every patient will receive a personalised care plan specific to their condition and needs.  Consequently there are no ‘fixed rules’ about follow up appointments.  However, if there are ever any concerns about the next steps, it is important that patients make contact with their clinician and ask them.

Liaison With Your GP

Following a patient’s initial assessment, and whenever a clinician feels it is appropriate during their care, clinicians will write to the patient’s GP.  The letter will contain details of the patient’s condition and outline the approach to their care.  Particular reference will be made to any medications prescribed or any physical health conditions that were found during the course of treatment.


Some patients require a more intense or structured approach to their treatment or need to be away from the everyday situations that are contributing to their condition. Other patients require a treatment which can only be delivered in an in-patient setting.

In-patients participate in the therapeutic programme that runs throughout the day and benefit form our 24/7 nursing care. They can benefit from making good progress very quickly as well as receiving lots of input from members of the multi-disciplinary team.

Arranging in-patient treatment

Most of our patients who are admitted for in-patient care are referred to Cardinal Clinic by their GP or other healthcare professional.  However, it is also possible to refer yourself.  For programmes such as our Alcohol Detox programme, it is normal for patients to request admission themselves.

If you feel that our in-patient service would be of benefit, please take a look at our page about getting a referral from your GP:  Arranging a GP Referral Alternatively, you may wish to consider referring yourself:  Arranging a Self Referral

Once we have received your referral information, you will be allocated to a Consultant Psychiatrist.  An initial assessment will be booked at a convenient time for you.  At this assessment, the consultant will discuss treatment options with you and you will agree whether in-patient care is most appropriate for addressing any mental health concerns you have.

What to expect from in-patient treatment

Your consultant may recommend you are admitted to the Clinic to address the issues you are experiencing. They will agree an admission date with you and you will be given information about what to bring with you for your stay.

When you come for admission, you will be allocated to a nurse-team who will co-ordinate your care. The team will be your key point of contact for any questions or concerns you may have. The nursing team are available at any time to discuss your concerns or problems and will treat everything you say in complete confidence.  Everything discussed with your nursing team will only ever be shared with the team managing your care.

You can expect to have a one-to-one consultation with your consultant two or three times a week.

You will stay in one of our 23 en-suite bedrooms and benefit from taking part in the group therapeutic programme that runs throughout the day. You will also receive individual time with your consultant and/or therapist.

in patient bedroom at Cardinal Clinic

During your stay all meals are provided in our patients’ dining room. There is a choice of menu and our chefs are happy to cater for dietary requirements.

As well as participating in the programme, you will also have time for relaxation and contemplation, as well as the use of our superb facilities. These include a heated indoor swimming pool, patients’ lounge and beautifully maintained extensive grounds. Your family and friends are welcome to visit you at weekends, but we do ask that they avoid group and meal times.  Visitors are invited to arrange this with the nursing team to ensure it fits around patient’s clinical needs and visitors understand any restrictions in place around coronavirus.

Cardinal Clinic swimming pool

Your consultant will continually monitor your progress and keep you informed of any changes to your care plan or medication. Any required changes will be implemented as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Based on clinical judgement, your consultant will decide when it is appropriate for you to be discharged from in-patient care. An individually tailored discharge plan will be devised with your input, this may mean attending the Clinic as a day or out-patient.