Our Consultants

We welcome GP referrals to named Consultants here at the Clinic. Alternatively, our Referrals Manager, Trudy Green is available to advise on the most appropriate Consultant based on clinical experience and availability.

All our consultants work in private practice as self employed practitioners.

Dr Maurice Atkins

Dr Niraj Arora

Dr Danny Allen

Dr Saroj Cheema

Dr Sally Cubbin

Dr Phil Davison

Dr Sohan Derasari

Dr Lalitha de Silva

Dr John Ging

Dr Malcolm Hawthorne

Dr Paul Loughlin

Dr Azlan Luk

Dr Andrew Macaulay

Dr Ravi Mehrotra

Dr Jane Perera

Medical Director

Dr Kevin Pankhurst

Dr Neelima Reddi

Dr Javaid Sultan

Dr John Wilkins


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